About us !

I am a woman brave and visionary entrepreneur. A homemaker and trader named Alejandra, two people in one, hence the name of the brand, 2ALE. I decided to combine my strengths to create a company that can meet the needs of families in the modern world.

Thoroughly researching the needs of our community gave birth to 2ALE. As a result of this quest, I realized that in today’s world, we face multiple responsibilities and challenges in both our professional and personal lives.


The primary goal of 2ALE is to provide practical solutions, knowing that, to be successful, we must offer a wide range of products that adapt to the needs and lifestyles of today. Therefore, I wanted to create a company that offers a little freedom, pleasure, and brightens our daily lives.

The story of 2ALE is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder and the desire to make a difference in people’s lives. Its inclusive approach makes it unique, where all members of society play an important role.

Our Products


The mission is to provide useful and versatile products to generate satisfaction for all our customers.

With this vision and mission, 2Ale is committed to being a benchmark in the industry, working with passion, dedication, integrity, honesty, and transparency to offer various solutions.


My main vision is to become the best and largest online sales store, offering timely deliveries and providing excellent customer service. Additionally, to grow significantly and create many jobs.

Alejandra Mendoza.

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