Set of 4 Plastic Kitchen Containers for Fresh Food Storage


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These kitchen containers are perfect for packaging and preserving meals, fruits, and vegetables in the refrigerator. The set comprises four sizes, each designed to cater to various storage needs.

Container Sizes:

Large: Height 4 inches, Width 7 1/4 inches.

Medium: Height 3.5 inches, Width 6.5 inches.

Another Medium: Height 2 3/4 inches, Width 6 inches.

Small: Height 2 1/4 inches, Width 5 1/4 inches.


Adorned with golden accents, these white containers bring a touch of sophistication to your kitchen while keeping your food fresh and organized.


Smart storage, this storage container set is dishwasher safe and ideal for dry ingredients, vegetables, leftovers, coffee beans, nuts, grains, rice and more. Peace of Mind for Happy, Healthy Food Storage provides a convenient all-in-one storage solution for the refrigerator.