Kitchen Knife Set. 8 Pieces and Bamboo Board.


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Resistant Striped Bamboo Cutting Board Serving and Prep Meal

DESCRIPTION OF FEATURES: This Bamboo board is the perfect cutting surface for all kinds of food, from meats of different thicknesses, chicken, fish, etc., to serving cheeses, hams, and all kinds of snacks.

PERFECT SIZE: Measures approximately 17.75 by 11.75 inches. This wooden cutting board is perfect for all general-purpose food preparation tasks, and its delicate beauty allows it to be used on the table as a garnish.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wet before each use to resist staining. Wash with mild detergent, towel dry, then air dry out of direct sunlight. Clean the stains by rubbing a cut lemon on the stain.

WEIGHT: The best thing about this item is that it is light in weight, which makes it easy to use.


Knife Set:

KNIFE SETS: The kitchen set contains 8 pieces to meet your highest demand and become your kitchen assistant.

Highest Quality: Composed of superior high-carbon stainless steel blades for precision that ensures the blades retain their ultra-sharp edge and high precision for easy food cutting.

Uses: There are different types of knives: Ideal for removing strips of vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, zucchini and more. Cut various meats, sharpen knives. It also has a multipurpose scissors, bread knife, etc.

SMALL BLACK KNIFE SET: Coated in Cool Black! Small size to save space and kitchen integrated knife set meets your basic cooking needs and easy to clean.

This has become the perfect combination to help in the modern kitchen.