Dog Care Set: Dish, Spoon and Collar


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Introducing our comprehensive Dog Care Kit, thoughtfully curated to provide your canine companion with the ultimate care and convenience. This kit encompasses three essential products that harmoniously work together to enhance your pet’s daily life while simplifying your routine.

  1. Lightweight Plastic Bowl Dish – Easy Clean: Crafted with your pet’s comfort in mind, this bowl dish offers a hassle-free feeding experience. Its lightweight design ensures easy handling, while the smooth plastic surface makes cleaning a breeze. By using this bowl, you promote a hygienic mealtime environment that’s both comfortable and practical.
  2. Waterproof Nylon Pet Collar – Adjustable Sizes for Small, Medium, and Large Dogs: Designed for versatility, this waterproof collar is suitable for dogs of all sizes. Its adjustable feature guarantees a snug fit, promoting comfort during various activities. Rain or shine, this collar remains resilient, making it the go-to accessory for every adventure. Our meticulously designed dog collar combines durability with style, ensuring your pet’s safety and enhancing their appearance. Crafted for everyday wear, it offers a secure fit and a touch of flair. This collar is a testament to responsible pet ownership, giving you peace of mind during walks and playtime.
  3. Cup Pet Food Plastic Scoop: Precise portion control is crucial for your pet’s health. Our plastic food scoop features clear markings for 1/2 and 1 cup measurements, ensuring accurate feeding. This scoop not only prevents overfeeding but also streamlines your feeding routine, leaving more time for you and your furry friend to enjoy quality moments together.

Purchasing these three products as a kit not only saves you time and effort in searching for individual items but also demonstrates your commitment to your pet’s well-being. This kit harmoniously blends convenience, style, and functionality, offering an integrated solution for your pet care needs. Elevate your dog’s experience with this thoughtfully assembled Dog Care Kit, tailored to enrich their life and your bond


Lightweight Plastic Bowl Dish Easy Clean for your best pet friend

Introducing a charming plastic dog food serving dish, adorned with adorable paw prints running around its perimeter. Lightweight, easy to clean, and vibrant in hues, this plate is both functional and aesthetically pleasing—perfect for your furry friend’s dining needs.


  • Lightweight item for dogs.
  • This practical plate is made of strong and durable plastic and is easy to clean. Pet footprints with personality design, fashionable and beautiful are seen. It measures 6.1″ in diameter at the top edge with a height of 2.2″.
  • Made with environmentally friendly, non-toxic materials, so pets eat and drink water safely.
  • Ideal preferably for small pets.


Everyday Dog Collar, Waterproof Nylon Pet Collar Adjustable Sizes for Small Dogs Medium, and Large


Our versatile Adjustable Nylon Waterproof Dog Leash – the ultimate accessory for canine companions of all sizes and breeds. Measuring a comfortable 20.5 inches, this innovative leash perfectly blends functionality with style, ensuring a comfortable and secure experience for both pets and owners.

Constructed from durable nylon, this leash is built to withstand the elements, making it the ideal choice for outdoor adventures whatever the weather. Its waterproof design ensures carefree walks even on rainy days, improving the longevity of the leash while keeping your pet comfortable and dry.

Available in two lovely colors, the soft yet strong nylon material comes in a calming shade of blue and a playful shade of pink, catering to different aesthetics and even offering a subtle nod to gender preferences. The blue strap, embellished with discreet silver studs, adds a touch of sophistication to dapper masculine companions, while the pink option exudes vibrant allure, complementing energetic puppies.

The adjustable feature of the leash accommodates dogs of various sizes, from small to medium and large breeds. This adaptability ensures that your loyal furry friend is always comfortably restrained, promoting safe exploration on walks without compromising freedom of movement.

Whether you’re strolling the city streets or venturing into the great outdoors, our adjustable waterproof nylon dog leash is your trusted companion. Experience the perfect combination of durability, style, and functionality, meeting your pet’s needs and allowing him to show off in style.


Cup Pet Food Plastic Scoop 

Use this specialized pet food scoop to dispense your furry companion’s dry food, effectively preventing accidental overfeeding and unnecessary waste of valuable sustenance.

By using this food scoop, you can effortlessly keep a constant track of your pet’s dietary intake, ensuring an even portion at every serving.

The scoop comes with clear indicators for half-cup and one-cup measurements, making precise portion control even easier.

Its convenient design not only allows access to large food containers, but also incorporates a hanging hole in the handle, allowing for convenient storage on walls or shelves, making it a must-have addition to your cooking arsenal. pet sitting.


  • 1 cup capacity food scoop
  • Plastic safe for food contact
  • Easy to clean. 
  • Color: Pink and blue